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Successful adoption requires more than the raw deployment of technology.

Every organization and end user has unique factors that can hinder digital adoption and consumption. Verdtek’s proprietary AERA® methodology identifies those issues at the end user level, creating a bottom-up model for user excellence that guarantees adoption and consumption through continuous education and collaboration, long after deployment.



An organization’s decision-maker has agreed to adopt a new technology solution. Do the people who will ultimately adopt and use that solution even know about that decision or what it means for them? Full user adoption depends first on organization-wide awareness. That’s our first step. Our awareness team will build and execute a customized marketing campaign designed to educate the broader end user community, create awareness across the organization and set expectations for the transformation process.



Our team of dedicated Adoption + Consumption Experts—or ACEs—engages at the end user level of business optimization to explore their unique hurdles to adoption and consumption. We collaborate with subject matter experts to better understand existing business processes, how they can be improved and how they impact the end user community. We also identify technology champions within every organization who act as internal advocates and serve as a key source of support for their peers.



After the needs and processes assessments, ACEs conduct site and technical readiness checks to ensure the organization’s infrastructure is fully equipped for the upcoming change. We also prepare the end user community for adoption through a combination of customized in-person, remote and self-paced training programs, all designed to guide every end user through adoption and continued usage.



Continued collaboration through ongoing education and around-the-clock access to real-time support is the only way to truly guarantee that end users fully adopt a solution. At Verdtek, this isn’t an afterthought, it’s our foundation for success and is integral to the sale, development, adoption and consumption of a solution.

The Process Continues

User adoption never stops, so neither do we. Whether organizations need to onboard new users, revisit or update training programs, or collect feedback, our teams will re-engage with end users at every stage of AERA® to ensure full and continuous adoption.

Our commitment to user excellence

Solutions rollouts are never one-size-fits-all. How end users engage with and use a solution isn’t either. Our approach to user excellence is as diverse as the end user communities we work with.

Our team of HDI-certified, highly specialized Adoption and Consumption Experts—or ACEs—is fully committed to helping end users solve the issues their communities face when using new technology. Whether that means providing micro-, on-demand guidance to help a user solve a one-off issue or hosting regular educational touchpoints to ensure an end user community maximizes their investment in a solution, Verdtek offers 24/7 access to real-time support, meaning our team of ACEs is only a call or chat away.

Every interaction ACEs have with an end user reinforces the training programs delivered throughout the implementation and usage cycle. As we engage with organizations and end users, our scope of services expands to improve and ultimately guarantee user adoption and excellence.


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