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Verdtek was founded on the idea that technology solutions aren’t one-size-fits-all. How we approach the end user communities adopting those solutions shouldn’t be either.

User adoption and consumption is a tricky business. Many claim to be great at it, few can claim to guarantee it. It’s a challenge that has hindered technology providers for decades and, after years in the technology industry, one that our team encountered time and time again as they deployed solutions for countless providers and their end users.

So we set out to fix it, to reimagine the traditional change management process to account for the human element and the unique hurdles facing each end user community.

By working in tandem with both provider and end user, Verdtek bridges the crucial gaps between what a solutions provider promises and delivers and what an end user community expects and is prepared for. Verdtek’s Adoption + Consumption Experts—or ACEs—are a team of designated ambassadors working with each end user community to identify hurdles to adoption, understand internal business processes and provide continuous, customized training, education programs and support that result in widespread technology adoption and consumption. For too long, the sale and deployment of a product or solution was the end game for software engagements. With Verdtek, they become the starting point, a launch pad for better relationships with customers, increased product consumption and more sales and renewals.

Our AERA® methodology was born from our desire to extend the value of the relationship between a solutions provider and their end users. It fuses a variety of training programs, boots-on-the-ground expertise and years of collective experience into a proven, repeatable methodology for adoption and consumption. AERA is grounded in helping every end user—regardless of their capabilities, knowledge base or comfort level—feel prepared and confident to use a software solution effectively.

Our business model is simple: Technology providers build functional solutions.Verdtek facilitates mutual success by guaranteeing user adoption and solution consumption. |

Meet Verdtek

Our Adoption and Consumption Ambassadors

Nenad Otanjac - President

Nenad Otanjac

Nenad has been immersed in the evolution and continued impact of technology since the 1990s. He brings his enduring “people-first” vision to Verdtek, where he spearheaded the company’s proven AERA® methodology.

When he’s not busy trying to improve experiences for end users, he spends time with his family and collects and reads graphic novels.

Shannon Sherwood

With a background in language acquisition and educational technology, Shannon’s ability to work with diverse end user communities to construct engaging learning strategies has been vital for Verdtek.

She is the proud mom of two young adult daughters, with whom she spends most of her free time, and is a stout supporter of the newly established Austin F.C. soccer team.

Dan Treviño

Dan joined Verdtek with almost 20 years of experience leading some of the largest technical professional services and software product management projects. He continues to build Verdtek’s best-in-class services organization and is constantly promoting our message of user excellence.

A lifelong Texan, Dan enjoys the local live music scene and visiting Austin’s many craft breweries.

Gayle Webster

With more than 15 years of experience in team building and development, Gayle brings to Verdtek her congeniality, ability to unite people and a knack for building interconnected teams.

In her spare time, Gayle enjoys adding and (of course) listening to her immense collection of vinyl records.

Cullen CJ Pickering

CJ prides himself on his ability to break down complex technical jargon and processes into easy-to-understand instruction. He combines his passion for coaching and his extensive technical knowledge to create a user-friendly experience for end users.

In his free time, CJ enjoys spending time outdoors gardening with his wife, playing guitar and attending local concerts.

Sarah Ramirez

Sarah has an extensive background in leading teams through the development and delivery of face-to-face and online training. She promotes the use of data to drive the instructional content and differentiation during training to ensure that all the needs of the learners are met.

Sarah and her husband are busy with their three young children, but she manages to find time to learn new recipes, and DIY some home décor items.

People that started it all

Lyndsey Estair

Michelle Dominguez

Gilbert Benavides

Héctor Dominguez

Extending the value of partnerships between providers and their end user communities.

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