Your Proven Partner for Business IT

We are passionate about delivering technology and productivity tools that enable businesses to grow and government agencies to become more efficient. Because of that, global IT providers partner with us to deploy their technology and products at their customers’ sites.

Partners rely on us to support the sales cycle, to scale our teams on-demand based on their delivery needs and to save them time by diving right into projects with little to no on-boarding. Our innovative, responsive and effective technology services enable our partners to propose and deliver quality solutions while reducing complexity and cost for IT delivery.


Our deep vertical knowledge and experience in business technology provides you the best technical talent with cutting edge skills to implement innovative IT solutions.


Our dynamic services model allows us to be responsive to your technology and staffing needs, in both timing and specialty areas. Our hybrid team of lead architects and independent experts enables us to scale quickly to take on any project, no matter the size or complexity. This translates into lower overhead and costs to help projects stay on budget.


We come from the IT services space and understand how to effectively lead end customers through the delivery process in collaboration with your technical teams.

We specialize in cloud, storage and security services as well as IT staffing.

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Partner Programs
  • IBM Advanced Business Partner
  • SHI Elite Partner Status
  • Sirius Computer Solutions Certified Business Partner
  • Microsoft Partner Network
  • Microsoft Online Services Partner
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State of Texas

We hold multiple contracts with the State of Texas through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR).

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Meet the Leadership

Hector Dominguez


With 20+ years of IT services experience, Hector leads Verdtek with his infectious excitement for technology and his deep business understanding of enterprise IT delivery. Hector was able to conceptualize launching Verdtek after his successful career at IBM Tivoli Services and now leads the vision and strategic direction for the company. Also, Hector is committed to closing the Digital Divide and empowering small business entrepreneurs through Verdtek’s social impact program: GenerationTek

Gilbert Benavides, JD


Gilbert brings a long track record of connecting government agencies with private sector partners as well building long lasting, successful business relationships. He leads Verdtek’s strategic partnership strategy for growing the company’s services and technical competencies and contributing to partners’ objectives. Gilbert enjoys challenging conversations that really peel back the layers to address “how is this valuable to our end customer?”